Choosing a Campsite

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Finding the perfect campsite can make all the difference to how much you will enjoy your holiday. If you rush your set up because your too keen to go surfing, hiking, rafting etc you will potentially place yourself in a hazardous or uncomfortable position.
When you first arrive at your desired location take a quick look at the surrounding area. Listed below are a few suggestions to look out for.

  1. Are there potential hazards such as falling rocks, snow, branches, flooding of rivers, large and small predators, an infestation of insects.
  2. Will this be a safe place for children and pets that may be with you on the trip?
  3. Can your tent be located out of the direct wind?
  4. If it rains will my campsite have suitable drainage to prevent wash away?
  5. In crowded campsites who would be my neighbors, will they create a lot of noise that will keep you up at night?

Once you have decided on a site its time to set up. The biggest thing with camping is to be ORGANIZED. Have designated areas for every function. You would include areas such as Sleeping areas, cooking, supplies, firewood, toilet and shower, food area and even designated areas for games which would be away from potential dangers such as fires or sharp objects.

Set your fire downwind from tents and away further if large predators such as bears are in the area. Remember your tent should be a safe haven for you to keep food supplies away from your sleeping area when large predators are present. Here in India, we don’t have such large predators (I mostly do beach and rainforest camping) but we still have smaller animals such as goannas and dingos that will scavenge around campsites. Keeping food in tents, in this case, works well or in your vehicle is parked close by, making sure they are kept in coolers (we call them eskys) or sealed containers.


Please make sure that you observe any fire or camping guidelines set out by authorities regarding the area in which you are camping. The last thing you will want is to be fined or evicted from your campsite.

When you take the extra time to set your site up properly it will make all the difference to your enjoyment of relaxing in the outdoors. Good luck and happy camping.

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